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BREXIT - Further Update.

It seems as if a ‘No Deal’ Scenario is still very likely, and preparations are going ahead in many areas to try to manage this situation, but not enough attention is being focussed on the fundamental problems involving cross-channel freight and trade with the EU.
We have stated before that we believe that a ‘No Deal’ Brexit will require all International Freight to have Customs formalities completed on Export from or Import to the UK.
What would this mean for you?
Firstly please refer to our previous Update concerning the most basic requirements such as EORI number, VAT & Deferment Account, VAT registration number, Tariff and Classification numbers for the products and Incoterms to be agreed with your Customers or Suppliers.
All Cargo, whether export or import, will require a Transit Document (T Form) to be completed in the Country/or port of departure.  There are limited companies offering this service in 2019 and all of them under current arrangements will have inadequate Customs Guarantees to cope with the huge increase in T Forms that will need to be issued as of 30th March 2019.
These T Forms can only be completed by an authorised Customs Clearance Agent, or by a suitably qualified Exporter.  Our sister Company Harbour Shipping Ltd in Dover will be able to provide T Forms for UK Exports, and Customs Clearance for UK Imports but there will be a cost for this service.  We would also strongly advise that our clients in the EU appoint for themselves a Customs Agency to complete T forms on their behalf.