News Article
Sealane Freight News- November 2018
Sealane offers a range of incentives to our driving staff, to encourage safe driving, courteous behaviour on and off the road as well as other cost saving elements such as fuel usage. Very often the decisions made are extremely difficult, as we have a range of diverse considerations and very many dedicated and professional drivers.
Other bonuses are paid for the ‘Driver of the Quarter’ – based on such factors as customer endorsements or drivers going above and beyond the call of duty. This also culminates in the Driver of the Year award.
Two of our long-standing driving staff deserve a special mention,  Ken Holroyd who achieved Driver of the Quarter and Blue Hucksted who donated his bonus to his nominated Charity ‘Dementia’, a very worthy cause
We would all like to extend our thanks to our driving staff for their support and hard work during the year and even more so during the long winter months.